The Ultimate Panfish League - - 2004-2018
Ryan Sorenson/Mitch Bradshaw
Career UPL Earnings: (since 2014)  

Notable Events:
1st Place - Big Marine Lake - 1/7/18
2nd Place - Lake Sarah - 1/27/19
3rd Place - Big Marine Lake - 1/18/15
5th Place - Lake Pokegama - 2/12/17
Big Fish - Big Marine Lake - 1/18/15
Mitch Bradshaw:
Birth Date: 05/21/86
Home Town: White Bear Lake, MN
Fun Comments: Mitch has been fishing since
he was a child but the love for the sport really
grew when he was 16. That is right around
the time he started to become more
interested in Ice Fishing. During the open
water season he spends most of his time
targeting Bass but through the ice he will
target any species that swims. 2014/2015 will
mark his first year in the competitive ice
fishing circuit and he expects to learn a lot
from the events and the competitive field that
the UPL is known for.
Ryan Sorenson:
Birth Date: 12/14/86
Home Town: White Bear Lake, MN
Fun Comments: I have been fishing since I
was 5. I grew up on Bald Eagle Lake in
Ramsey county catching panfish off my
parents dock. Panfishing quickly turned me
onto all species. I now chase anything that
swims and puts up a fight. My fishing season
follows the calendar of open and close dates. I
enjoy hard water, fly fishing and open water
fishing. I love to chase bass, walleye and
muskie in the summer. I'm the kind of guy that
will do some basic research on a new lake or
stream and then chase down whatever I plan
to target that day. I absolutely love the UPL and
the competitive grind. The group of ice heads
are a great group of guys and I look forward to
the 2016 season!